PWI Adds To King Air Cabin Lighting STCs

 - March 3, 2021, 12:12 PM

PWI has received FAA STC approval for its B200/250 King Air window LED upgrade, which the Wichita-based company said completes its STCs for LED lighting upgrades for nearly all variants of the Beechcraft twin turboprop. “This upgrade provides first-rate lighting that owners of other models of King Air aircraft have already been enjoying,” said PWI president and CEO Robi Lorik.

PWI earlier received window LED STCs for the King Air 90, 100, and 200. According to PWI, more than 6,000 King Air B200 and 250 aircraft have been manufactured since the late 1970s.

PWI’s window LED system doesn’t create a buzzing noise that is found in current lighting systems, which it said improves the cabin experience for passengers. The upgrade also provides 100,000 hours of life, as well as a 33 percent weight savings and 50 percent less measured operating current compared to fluorescent lighting.