CCX Tech Cybersecurity Device STC’d on Gulfstream V

 - March 29, 2021, 6:25 PM
CCX Technologies AP-250. (Photo: CCX)

The CCX Technologies AP-250 cybersecurity router has received a supplemental type certificate (STC) for installation on a Canadian-registered Gulfstream Vs. Although it can be configured as either a secure router or inline cybersecurity device, for this STC the AP-250 also serves as the router for the aircraft’s airborne connectivity system. The STC was approved by Transport Canada and the installation and certification works were done by Mid-Canada Mod Center based in Toronto.

Featuring two dual-band Wi-Fi radios with encryption, the AP-250 includes a 1 TB solid-state drive “with all data encrypted at-rest,” according to CCX, and range of half a kilometer. It is also equipped with Advanced LTE to connect to cellular networks on the ground for remote technical support.

In the router configuration, the AP-250 supports end-to-end encryption for all types of airborne connectivity systems. For use as an inline appliance, the AP-250 works with the aircraft’s router “to provide a more robust onboard cybersecurity posture,” CCX said. The device’s capabilities include advanced firewalls, threat monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention systems, cybersecurity alerts to designated personnel, and other features that meet RTCA DO-326 and ED-202 cybersecurity guidelines.

Aircraft operators now have access to onboard cybersecurity for their aircraft, something not previously available,” said CCX president Chris Bartlett. “Installed on the aircraft, the AP-250 offers actionable insights into what’s really happening in-flight.”