NTSB Proposes Changes to Accident Notification Form

 - May 7, 2021, 12:08 PM

Revisions have been proposed to the NTSB’s accident notification form 6120.1, the document required to be filed with the Safety Board by the pilot, operator, or representative of an aircraft involved in an accident or incident that meets the reporting criteria of NTSB Part 830. Notably, the NTSB is proposing to update the form’s certification statement to include that, by signing the document, the pilot/operator consents to the public release of the information contained therein. The agency is also requesting additional information in several other sections of the form.

Because the NTSB may investigate accidents involving unmanned aircraft, the agency is adding "Certificate of Authorization" (COA) to the list of type of ATC services provided in the flight itinerary information section at the time of the mishap. The COA is an authorization issued by ATC to a public operator for a specific unmanned aircraft activity. 

In the weather information section, the agency is adding "Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)—Application" as an option followed by a space to specify the name of the EFB. Also, the agency will include "BasicMed" to the list of options in the medical certification section. Comments on the proposal are due July 6, 2021.