Central Florida Airports Settle Name Dispute

 - June 1, 2021, 11:26 AM
Florida's Orlando Melbourne International Airport will reverse the two cities in its name as part of an agreement reached with the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, which believed the name could be confused with Orlando International Airport. (Photo: Walt Simpson)

Florida’s Melbourne Airport Association (MAA) and the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) have settled their long-simmering dispute over the name of Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB). MLB is located approximately 70 miles southeast of Orlando International Airport (MCO), which as a gateway to Central Florida’s renowned tourism destinations is the busiest airport in the state.

Melbourne International Airport officially adopted the name Orlando Melbourne International Airport in 2015 and GOAA, believing the new name was misleading to the millions of passengers each year heading to the area’s theme parks, filed a lawsuit in 2019.

According to the MAA, which noted it has used the name Orlando as part of its name in its websites and marketing since 2008, in an effort to resolve the matter for both sides and for the benefit of the traveling public, it will change the name of MLB to Melbourne Orlando International Airport, along with all trademarks, signage, identifiers, and branding as part of a consent and license agreement. It has asked its tenants and business partners, including FBOs, to do the same on their websites and printed materials.

“Both airports value regionalism and share a common goal of providing world-class traveler experiences,” said MLB executive director Greg Donovan. “We look forward to a bright future as Melbourne Orlando International Airport, the coastal gateway to Central Florida.”