Mobile Repair Team Joins EmbraerX's Digital Mx Platform

 - June 23, 2021, 11:40 AM

Aircraft structural repair specialist the Mobile Repair Team (MRT) has signed on to EmbraerX’s Beacon digital maintenance coordination platform. Through its web and mobile application platform, Beacon connects operators, maintenance providers, aftermarket suppliers, and OEMs with the goal of accelerating aircraft return-to-service time during unscheduled maintenance events.

UK-based MRT plans to run all its global maintenance cases through Beacon, which will replace informal communication channels with a single, compliance-ready platform that, for example, will facilitate easier and accurate communication between maintenance shifts. MRT also expects the Beacon platform to reduce the time spent coordinating with technicians and other stakeholders during maintenance events.

“MRT sits at the forefront of a very dynamic and demanding market segment, and for this reason, the full experience, the detailed transparency at every step of the process, and its full integration are a game-changer for the MRT solution,” said MRT director Chris Creutz. “Beacon is a market-disrupting solution that will bring great effectiveness to the MRT portfolio of return-to-service options.”