CAE, Volocopter Collaborate on eVTOL Pilot Training

 - July 8, 2021, 12:37 PM

Volocopter and aviation training group CAE are partnering to develop, certify, and deploy a pilot training program to support the launch of commercial eVTOL operations in 2024, the companies announced today. The agreement commits CAE to invest up to $40 million to meet Volocopter’s projected demand for eVTOL pilots in the early years of operations. The Canada-based group will deploy training equipment and instructors through a global partnership, with the initial training services expected to be provided outside Europe.

Meanwhile, Germany-based Volocopter has agreed to purchase a simulator from CAE to be used in its pilot training program certification. According to the company, this simulator will be developed specifically for eVTOL aircraft operations and will be equipped to train pilots to fly any of Volocopter’s in-development vehicles, including the two-seat VoloCity and the larger VoloConnect model.

To develop simulators and the overall training program, CAE says, it will employ new technologies including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, mixed reality, and data analytics. The company will be responsible for developing all courseware for training Volocopter pilots and will provide trainees with customized resources.

Through its collaboration with CAE, Volocopter will continue to work with aviation regulators to establish experience requirements for pilots. The company indicated that it intends to recruit and train both experienced and new pilots.

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