ASTM Proposes Easing Small Aircraft Component Tests

 - August 4, 2021, 10:56 AM

ASTM International is proposing a new standard that would establish the requirements for small aircraft components to be considered as “low-stress structures” and able to bypass certain durability testing. The standards-setting agency’s general aviation aircraft committee, F44, is developing the proposed standard, which carries the designation of WK61232.

With the proposed standard, manufacturers, working with aircraft design regulatory agencies, would be able to designate applicable small aircraft components as low-stress structures. Such designated components would not have to undergo the structural durability assessments that are required as part of the ASTM standard specification covering small aircraft.

“In particular, a user would not be required to perform a cyclic test of the component [that is] designated as low stress, saving cost and schedule during a new product development and certification effort,” said Terry Ercolani, ASTM International member and Textron Aviation senior specialist/engineer.

While the F44 committee continues work on this and other general aviation standards, Ercolani noted that the committee is continually seeking new participants, especially those with aircraft structural durability expertise in both metallic and composite construction, and said interested participants should reach out to ASTM.