PrivateFly Aviator To Offer Aircraft Flexibility

 - August 5, 2021, 10:49 AM

Responding to what it describes as a new type of customer with more varied flying requirements born from the pandemic, charter broker PrivateFly has launched the Aviator membership. The new program addresses repeat customers seeking a combination of short hops in Europe in light jets and long-haul trips in large-cabin jets at market-based pricing—something the Directional Aviation company said it is seeing more of in the past 18 months.

Marine Eugène, European managing director of PrivateFly and sister company Flexjet, explained that repeat customers are seeking consistency and a premium experience, which is offered through programs such as Flexjet Shared Ownership and the PrivateFly Jet Card that was launched last year. “However, in addition, we saw a growing number of repeat clients who want aspects of this elevated service, but with the ability to access a variety of different-sized aircraft types from the market or more varied routes—including outside of Europe or the U.S.,” Eugène said.

Other benefits of the new membership include free cancellation up to 120 hours before takeoff and value-added services such as inclusive catering and de-icing, benefits from its luxury hotel partners in Europe, and a London helicopter transfer.

Aviator comes as overall year-to-date flight bookings at PrivateFly are ahead of pre-pandemic levels. Moreover, 86 percent of bookings in July were from existing clients versus a pre-pandemic average of 64 percent.