Nextant Offers Free Fusion Software Upgrade for CL604s

 - August 19, 2021, 12:46 PM
Nextant Aerospace said its Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion supplemental software STC provides added capabilities for Challenger 604 operators to enhance safety and pilot awareness. (Photo: Nextant Aerospace)

The FAA has approved Nextant Aerospace’s upgraded software supplemental type certificate (STC) for Bombardier Challenger 604s with Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion avionics. Nextant—which it is making the upgrade available at no charge to operators of Challenger 604s with the Pro Line Fusion upgrade—said the STC provides added capabilities to enhance safety and pilot awareness, as well as saving time for pilots and operators.

Specifically, the upgrade includes FMS-calculated thrust and V-speed and FMS-predicted performance similar to the Precision Plus mode that existed on the earlier Pro Line 4 avionics. These calculations had to be manually done with original Pro Line Fusion installations. Also included in the software update are a new FMS vertical situation display, European Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Baseline 1 CPDLC, and RNP 0.3 approach functionality. Validations of the STC from EASA, Transport Canada, and other regulators are underway.

For the past two years, certification engineers from the Constant Aviation company have been working with Collins and the FAA on the software upgrade. Nextant is also working on an FAA Flight Standardization Board Operational Evaluation for training requirements that will support Part 135 operators upgrading to Fusion v2 software.

In addition, the FAA approved Nextant’s Fusion Integrated AutoThrottle compatibility with the Fusion v2 software, ensuring the system remains operational on Challenger 604s post-upgrade.