MRO Insider Extends Quoting Platform Reach to FBOs

 - September 8, 2021, 9:50 AM

MRO Insider has expanded its quoting platform to include FBO services. With the latest update, operators, schedulers, and dispatchers can use MRO Insider to request fuel pricing, ground transportation, hangar rental, and other services such as detailing and disinfecting service quotes. The FBO service quoting ability, which launched September 1, follows other expansions of the platform, which was originally designed as a forum for maintenance services and still serves that function.

“We have continually worked to expand the platform to meet the needs of our customers based on their feedback,” said MRO Insider president Andy Nixon. “Last year, we focused on our AOG feature that allows users to ‘ping’ out to multiple providers for quotes for maintenance, parts, or detailing. This year, we chose to expand this technology to include requests for fuel pricing, hangar rental, and ground transportation.”

The platform enables FBOs to provide quotes based on aircraft make, model, length of stay, and other factors. FBOs can customize their quote based on fuel cost, quantity, and other services requested to provide individual package deals, MRO Insider said. Fuel program subscribers are able to submit that information within their requests. Providers will be notified of operators seeking fuel or services within a 100-nm radius.

“The goal is to increase transparency and efficiency in business aviation wherever possible,” Nixon said. “When it comes to managing costs, there are definitely times that an operator may choose to land at a nearby airport when [opting for] an extra 10-minute car ride could equal thousands of dollars of fuel savings.”