SmartSky Awarded $12M in Dispute with Vendor

 - September 29, 2021, 12:39 PM

SmartSky Networks has been awarded $12 million in damages, legal expenses, and sanctions in arbitration against former vendor Wireless Systems Solutions (WSS), the Melbourne, Florida-based airborne connectivity provider said yesterday. A panel of three arbitrators also dismissed all WSS counterclaims against SmartSky.

According to SmartSky, it won on 14 distinct claims related to WSS’s contractual breaches, including failure to perform, interference with SmartSky’s business relationships, unfair and deceptive trade practices, breaches of confidentiality, and misappropriation of SmartSky’s intellectual property. With the arbitration ruling behind it, SmartSky said it is now preparing for commercial launch of its connectivity services later this year.

“SmartSky is pleased with the outcome of this case and always had great confidence that the facts supported our position and our rights,” said SmartSky CEO David Helfgott. “[We] look forward to commercial launch of our aviation air-to-ground network service.”