Swiss Charter Broker Offers 'Permanent' CO2 Solution

 - September 30, 2021, 11:46 AM

The Climate Jet Club (CJC)—a company that calls itself an "aviation brokerage project" and offers users a program to offset carbon emissions—has introduced what it says is the industry’s first "permanent" carbon removal option. Switzerland-based CJC has partnered with U.S.-based carbon sequestering technology developer Charm Industrial, which has created a method of capturing carbon and injecting it in a stable form deep into porous and sedimentary rock layers, effectively removing it from the environment.

CJC offers three tiers of sustainability jet cards in its program, which are sold based on the amount of emissions generated. The Blue Card will offset 100 percent of a user's travel emissions, while the Gold Card will offset 80 percent and remove 20 percent. The Platinum Card reverses that, offsetting 20 percent and removing 80 percent.

According to CJC, the removal process is far more costly than mere offsets—$600 per ton of emissions, compared with offsetting, which begins at $2 per ton—but the company added that, until now, private aviation passengers did not even have the removal option.

“Traditional carbon offsets suffer from extremely low quality,” said Charm CEO Peter Reinhardt. “The permanence of the carbon reduction is extremely short, only a few decades. High-quality carbon dioxide removal is expensive for now, but for folks who can afford to fly private, high-quality removals should be a no-brainer.”