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Rosen Adds Larger OLED Displays, Partners with Devialet

 - October 8, 2021, 12:00 PM
Rosen Aviation’s 4K OLED displays are growing larger, with sizes up to 55 inches now available and weighing just 26 pounds, half the weight of current-generation displays.

Rosen Aviation is adding larger 4K OLED displays to its line of business jet cabin products and also recently signed a partnership agreement with audio-solution provider Devialet.

Paris, France-based Devialet and Rosen are collaborating on the development of integrated audio, video, and cabin interface solutions “that are completely unique to aircraft interiors.” Patented technologies developed by Devialet include analog-digital hybrid and speaker active matching, and these give aircraft owners the option of adding high-resolution acoustics, including the company’s Phantom wireless speaker systems.

Plans call for Rosen and Devialet to offer both companies’ technologies for business and VVIP jets and upcoming eVTOL aircraft.

“This partnership represents a new exhilarating adventure for Devialet,” said Alexandre Kreuz, Devialet executive v-p of licensing and industrial partnership, “not only elevating the overall passenger experience but on a deeper level that shows the intrinsic value of partnering with best-in-class technology and thought leaders like Rosen. We are eager to work together, learn from one another, and ultimately deliver experiences not possible anywhere else.”

“There are many synergies between [Rosen and Devialet] that lead me to believe some of our most successful years are right in front of us,” said Lee Clark, senior v-p of strategy at Rosen Aviation. “Together, we will bring a high degree of strengths to one another, such as our specialized knowledge of aircraft certification and extensive understanding of the cabin environment.”

In the display lineup, Rosen’s new 4K OLED products range in size from single-digits to 55 inches and larger, providing a vastly improved viewing experience at half the weight of current-generation cabin displays, according to the company. With power units and other components, Rosen’s 55-inch OLED display weighs just 26 pounds. Boasting wider viewing angles, higher resolution, and better colors than LED displays, the super-thin OLED panels can also be made in curved formats to conform to a variety of surfaces, opening a host of future applications throughout the cabin.

The large new displays are a result of a partnership with LG, with the 48-inch and 55-inch displays introduced a few months ago. The 22-, 27-, and 32-inch displays, using Japan OLED screens, will follow shortly, available to both aircraft manufacturers and the aftermarket.

Other screen sizes will be available on demand. The same components are used in all, so weight growth for larger screens is only “incremental,” said Clark.