Dassault Completes First Round of 6X Cold Soak Trials

 - December 27, 2021, 12:21 PM
Dassault Aviation's Falcon 6X, completing its first round of cold soak trials in Canada, next will be tested to temperatures down to -40 deg C. (Photo: Paul Defosse/Dassault Aviation)

Dassault Aviation last week completed the first of two Falcon 6X cold soak trials as the widebody, long-range twinjet progresses toward certification late next year.

Taking place in Iqaluit in Northern Canada, the cold soak tests were conducted on Dassault’s third test aircraft. The aircraft traveled from the French manufacturer’s test center in Istres near Marseille to Iqaluit for the trials.

The test sequences included a specific aircraft warm-up procedure, aircraft initialization, APU and engine starting sequences, air system performance evaluation, and fluid systems checks. The aircraft completed local flights to simulate full operations in cold temperature conditions, and Dassault reported that all systems and the aircraft performed well during the trials. The initial tests clear the way for a second cold soak campaign that will involve temperatures of around -40 deg C.

Twelve members of the flight test team, including two crew, traveled aboard the 6X to Iqaluit for the trials, Dassault said, noting the aircraft, which with its 8-foot 6-inch cabin cross-section, also carried a large volume of test equipment.

The trials came shortly after the aircraft’s engine, the Pratt & Whitney PW812D, received Transport Canada approval. Dassault had reported earlier in the month that the three test aircraft have accumulated more than 500 flight test hours and 150 flights. An initial production aircraft with a fully outfitted cabin is anticipated to join the program shortly.