Bizjet Activity Still Growing but at a Less Robust Pace

 - March 25, 2022, 1:26 PM

Global business aircraft activity continues to increase but at a less robust pace, according to WingX’s weekly Global Market Tracker. While activity last week was 35 percent higher year-over-year and 25 percent above the same time frame in 2019, this week’s activity growth slowed to 26 percent and 17 percent, respectively.

In Europe, business jet flights increased 38 percent month-to-date, but compared with March 2019 the growth was only 5 percent. In the U.S., flight activity increased 30 percent in the first three weeks of March versus the same period in 2019. However week-over-week activity increased just 23 percent versus the comparable 2019 period. In Canada and Mexico, the report noted, business jet activity hasn’t recovered from the pandemic period. Yet flights in other parts of North America—such as the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Saint Maarten—“are all well up,” the report added. 

In the rest of the world, month-to-date global business jet activity is up 32 percent, 27 percent, and 9 percent compared with March 2021, 2020, and 2019, respectively. The war in Ukraine is having an effect on business jet departures from Russia, which in the last four weeks is down 6 percent from the same period in 2021, 26 percent from 2020, and 5 percent from 2019.