Alto Puts VIP in Control of Audio Experience

 - March 28, 2022, 1:00 PM

Alto Aviation unveiled an upgrade for its Cadence switch panel and inflight entertainment system that allows the occupant of a specific (VIP) seat to select an acoustic mode to customize their audio experience.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Alto Aviation highlighted the new MySound Optimization capability at the Aircraft Electronics Association convention's new product introduction session today in New Orleans. MySound is available as a retrofit and for new Cadence installations and gives the user the choice of three acoustic modes, using a Cadence VIP switch panel. The modes are full cabin audio, VIP stereo, or VIP-focused digital surround sound.

Installers of the MySound system can use existing speakers and speaker grills to simplify the process. The MySound acoustic modes are managed by Alto’s SM-1070 system master controller, which “commands the amplifiers to select the desired profile,” the company explained. “By applying proprietary digital signal processing algorithms, Alto’s signature digital surround sound precisely maps the cabin with loudspeakers located behind the user and left and right, positioned in front of the VIP seat.”

“The ability to customize Alto sound is truly passenger-driven,” said v-p of sales and marketing Kevin Hayes. “It is designed to give the VIP in the cabin the ultimate control for acoustic optimization and a truly customized audiophile experience.”