Amber Aviation Receives G450s from NetJets

 - April 19, 2022, 11:38 AM
Amber Aviation's AmberNet will offer fractional lease and jet card programs using Gulfstream G450s provided by partner NetJets. (Photo: Amber Aviation)

Amber Aviation received its first batch of Gulfstream G450s through its partnership with NetJets, enabling the Shenzen, China company to offer private aviation services through its new sub-brand, AmberNet. Services under AmberNet will include a fractional lease program, which will be the first of its kind in China; jet-card program; and membership program that will allow users to book complimentary ferry flights on the company’s jets.

"Since our announcement in November, the Amber Aviation team has been working tirelessly with NetJets colleagues to ensure that these new products are successfully brought to market,” said Amber Aviation founder and president Chang Qiusheng. “As we continue to receive aircraft from NetJets, we are also working towards fulfilling our service commitments to our customers.”

AmberNet’s fractional lease program will start with 50 hours a year of guaranteed availability and a minimum notice period of 24 hours. Its jet card program will start at 25 hours with guaranteed availability within 48 hours' notice. Both fractional lease and jet card clients also will have access to NetJets’ fleet and events.

Additional aircraft will be delivered in the coming months, with 20 aircraft expected in AmberNet’s fleet by next year. In addition to Shenzen, the aircraft will be deployed to other cities in China and Asia, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau, Hong Kong, and Singapore.