AeroBid Launches Charter Bidding Platform

 - April 29, 2022, 11:04 AM
AeroBid's new, live charter bidding platform is aimed at increasing the speed and transparency of booking charter flights. (Photo: AeroBid)

AeroBid has launched its live charter bidding platform for brokers to request and book flights nearly instantaneously and operators to receive and bid on flight requests. The platform uses data and instant communication for quick and transparent bookings, according to the company. It also provides for charter clients to secure exactly what they are looking for, such as aircraft specification, destination, and added extras.

Through the AeroBid platform, brokers submit detailed flight requests that can be viewed by operators on the Platforms Marketplace or through instant notifications via text or email. Operators can bid anonymously in real-time.

“Passengers need to feel like requesting and securing a charter via a broker is a quick, simple process, that is always going to result in exactly the flight specification they want: whether it’s a particular aircraft, travel time, or location,” said AeroBid founder and CEO Zaher Deir. “With AeroBid, we’ve created a data-driven platform that benefits brokers and operators, as well as the passengers who ultimately benefit from faster bookings.”