Flexjet To Monitor Fleet with GE Digital Mx Software

 - May 18, 2022, 12:15 PM

Flexjet has signed on to GE Digital’s Maintenance Insight software, making it the first fractional aircraft operator to use the system across its fleet to predict and prevent disruptions and reduce maintenance costs.

The system provides analytics that helps monitor component health to optimize performance and decrease inefficiencies that lead to excess fuel burn and carbon emissions. Post-flight, Maintenance Insight extracts full-flight data from an aircraft’s sensors, enabling operators to pinpoint reliability challenges and stay ahead of potential maintenance issues that might not be found until a routine aircraft inspection.

“Because Flexjet maintains its own aircraft, Maintenance Insight gives them a powerful advantage of proactive insights allowing them to predict and prevent disruptions and reduce maintenance costs,” said GE Digital aviation software general manager Andrew Coleman. “Our software uses a wealth of data generated by each aircraft to build analytics that provide advance awareness of potential component failure and unplanned maintenance, helping to prevent unnecessary time on the ground while also raising the efficiency of the maintenance efforts.”