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Oxford Grows with New Hangar, Maintenance Space, and Taxiway

 - May 25, 2022, 2:27 AM

London Oxford Airport is investing in new facilities to absorb strong growth in business aviation traffic. Among its expansion plans are a new hangar and additional space for aircraft maintenance and repairs.

The new Hangar 16 is needed, says the privately-owned airport, because the 63,000-sq-ft Hangar 15, which opened in October 2021, is already almost full. The UK airport is keen to expand capacity for aircraft so that the growth in business aviation activity does not compromise Oxford’s high volume of flight training movements.

The new maintenance building is being constructed to the specifications of an undisclosed aircraft manufacturer, which will lease it. It will cover 14 acres and is expected to open around mid-2024.

Oxford is also spending around $7.8 million to move and extend its northern taxiway. The goal is to increase capacity on busy days when the airport can see as many as 400 movements. Training aircraft will be able to do run-ups on the former crosswind runway and it will no longer be necessary to backtrack to exit the main runway when the southern end (RWY 01) is in use.

“Business aviation, an important pillar of our business, will enjoy the Oxford ‘Four Minute Mile’ from touchdown to driving off the airport estate, or vice versa, on a much more frequent basis,” said the airport’s head of business development James Dillon-Godfrey. “The relocation [of the taxiway] also allows for the redevelopment of the eastern zone for the anticipated evolution of the airport in years to come.”

Also new at Oxford is a new fire station and additional fire trucks that will upgrade the airport to full-time Category 6 fire cover. Pilots are getting a new lounge in the OxfordJet FBO.