GlobalAir Upgrades Airport Resource Center

 - June 8, 2022, 5:26 PM

The GlobalAir Airport Resource Center (ARC) has been updated to make it easier to use. With fuel prices, FBO and airport business information, aviation weather, and FAA airport data, the ARC’s new interface helps dispatchers and pilots work more efficiently.

FBOs are now easier to find on the site with its new targeted-mapping feature, which shows precise FBO locations at airports. Another new feature is a tab with information on local places of interest. “In our research, we heard from a lot of pilots who wanted the ability to find nearby attractions they could visit during the periods they might be waiting to fly a client,” said GlobalAir CFO Elise Carrithers.

GlobalAir users can submit comments on FBOs, and FBOs can respond to the comments. Last year, the company added SAF pricing for FBOs that want to report information on sustainable fuel. Now GlobalAir’s interactive tool that lists the 10 lowest FBO fuel prices in the U.S. also includes SAF prices.

Other features that have been updated include the flight-time calculator; the airports tab with nearby restaurant, hotel, and golf course information; the airport business directory; and the FBO fuel locator map for comparing prices in a specified nautical-mile radius around an airport.