Aero Center Opens the Second FBO at KILM

 - June 13, 2022, 11:18 PM
Aero Center Wilmington has opened a competing FBO at North Carolina’s Wilmington International Airport. (Photo: Aero Center)

North Carolina’s Wilmington International Airport (KILM) now has two FBOs with the opening yesterday of Aero Center Wilmington. Located north of the Taxiway Alpha and Hotel intersection, near the U.S. Customs facility, the newly-constructed facility includes an 11,000-sq-ft terminal, 15,000-sq-ft and 10,000-sq-ft hangars capable of sheltering the latest ultra-long-range business jets, 50,000-gallon capacity fuel farm, and more than two acres of ramp.

Aero Center's KILM facility will also provide maintenance for both piston and turbine aircraft, as well as 24/7 AOG maintenance support services for both general aviation and airline customers. The new FBO, the growing chain’s second location, will also provide airline fueling services at the airport.

“We signed our lease two years ago and started development immediately, [and] while the Covid-19 related supply chain and labor issues delayed our opening, we could not have asked for a more supportive partner than the team at Wilmington International Airport,” said Sanjay Aggarwal, co-founder and managing director of Aero Center parent company SAR Trilogy. “They have provided the right atmosphere to attract new business to the airport and community. We look forward to seeing the general aviation business at KILM grow again, starting with returning tenants. He added that all customers—general aviation, airlines, and the military—will benefit from the competition Aero Center Wilmington brings to the market.