Nordam’s Elevate Concept Receives Crystal Cabin Award

 - June 29, 2022, 9:57 AM
During the Aircraft Interiors Expo, Nordam and its consultancy partner Teague were presented with a Crystal Cabin Award for Best Cabin Concept for their Elevate seating design. (Photo: Teague and Nordam)

Aerospace manufacturer Nordam and design consultancy partner Teague won a Crystal Cabin Award in the Best Cabin Concept category for their Elevate seating, the first proposed product using Nordam’s Nbrace interior structures system. A monument attachment technology designed to expand the range of potential cabin configurations, Nbrace allows interior furnishings to appear to float.

“Elevate perfectly demonstrates the benefits of our Nbrace innovation, which creates attractive cabin aesthetics, roominess, passenger comfort, and privacy,” said Meredith Siegfried Madden, CEO of Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Nordam. Supporting a broad range of furniture designs, Nbrace “makes it possible to design cabins without traditional restrictions,” Seattle-based Teague added, “allowing multiple, three-dimensional fixing points across the cabin, including the cabin walls.”

Planned for debut in the commercial market, with certification expected in 2024, the Elevate seating concept is designed for the premium cabins of single-aisle airliners, improving passenger experience and cabin “wow” factor, while reducing weight, but not seating capacity. Airlines, Nordam said, will benefit from “enhanced brand differentiation through beautiful and comfortable cabins.” Nordam did not yet respond to AIN's inquiries about Nbrace’s business aviation applications.

The Crystal Cabin Award was presented earlier this month during the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo conference in Hamburg, Germany.