Argus: Bizav Flight Gains Narrow in North America

 - July 11, 2022, 1:12 PM

North American business aircraft flight activity is still posting year-over-year increases, but the gains slowed to 1.9 percent in June and are on track to shrink to 0.1 percent this month, according to the latest Argus International Aircraft Activity Report. 

Part 91 activity in North America marked the strongest improvement in June, up 6.1 percent in North America with all aircraft segments logging increases. In Part 91, large-cabin activity was up the most in June, rising 10.2 percent year-over-year.

However, Part 135 activity was down in June by 3.4 percent, with midsize-cabin activity dipping by 4.4 percent, followed by small-cabin activity declines of 3.8 percent. Fractional activity remained up at 3.5 percent despite a 13.7 percent drop involving large-cabin jets in the segment. Fractional turboprop flights further slid 8.1 percent but small-cabin jet fractional activity increased 7.1 percent in North America in June.

Globally, flight activity was up 8.3 percent year-over-year driven by the 31.6 percent jump in flight activity in Europe in June. Large-cabin jets, in particular, had a busy month in Europe, flying 56 percent more than in June 2021. This was followed by midsize-cabin jets at 24.9 percent and small-cabin jets at 24.7 percent. Turboprop activity in the region was also up by 21 percent.

The rest of the world saw a 6.6 percent increase in business aviation flights in June, compared with a year earlier. Turboprops led the increases at 23.8 percent, while midsize cabin business jet flight activity was down 15.9 percent during the month.