FAA Aviation Manual Requirements To Get Tech Update

 - July 29, 2022, 10:34 AM

The FAA is proposing to update flight operations and maintenance manual requirements to reflect industry use of electronic versions in various formats, including electronic flight bags (EFB) and portable electronic devices (PED). The requirements apply to Part 91K and 135 operators, as well as air carriers.

Current manual requirements “do not appropriately accommodate the use of electronic manuals,” the agency said. “For example, the requirement that each page in a manual display the date it was last revised creates unnecessary barriers for operators that use electronic manuals.” Further, the requirement that some certificate holders “carry” appropriate parts of the manual on each aircraft when away from their principal base of operations does not reflect current technology.

This action would require manuals accessed in electronic format to “display the date of the last revision in a manner in which a person can immediately ascertain it.” However, there is no explanation in the proposed amendment as to what “manner” is acceptable.

The requirement that appropriate parts of the manual be aboard airplanes during operations would be revised to require program managers or certificate holders to simply ensure that pertinent parts “are accessible” to flight, ground, and maintenance personnel. Lastly, the proposed rule would eliminate outdated language that refers to accessing information in manuals kept in microfiche. Comments are due September 12.