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Brazil Business Aviation Traffic Growing

 - August 8, 2022, 6:58 PM
Business jets like this Pilatus PC-24 at LABACE 2022 are ideally suited for far-flung unimproved airports in Brazil. (Photo: Antonio Carlos Carriero/AIN)

A look at business aviation operations in Brazil during the past few years shows some significant growth, according to statistics from WingX Advance. In 2021, business aviation jets and turboprops flew roughly double the number of operations in pre-pandemic 2019—52,895 versus 26,390. Business jets alone flew 34,062 operations in 2021, up significantly from 20,940 in 2019.

However, according to WingX managing director Richard Koe, “the growth in flights needs to be tempered with the increased coverage we are getting as ADS-B networks expand.” As more aircraft become ADS-B Out equipped, their easier tracking means the number of operations grows, thanks to more accurate measurement of their activities.

“For example,” Koe explained, "the approximate density increase of receivers was up 78 percent in 2022 versus comparable 2019 for South America. So it´s not ‘pure’ growth, albeit, still growth in total activity versus 2019. Which would not surprise us, given that airline capacity was severely restricted during Covid, bringing wealthier customers to business aviation.”

Year-to-date, 2022 business aviation activity in Brazil is up 174 percent compared to the same period in 2019. This year is off to a strong start with 38,574 business aviation operations in Brazil, up from 28,040 in the same period in 2021—a 38 percent increase.