FAA Continues Doc Consolidation with AD Transfer

 - August 17, 2022, 10:22 AM

Continuing efforts to consolidate regulations and guidance documents into a single, searchable site, the FAA completed the migration of airworthiness directives (ADs) to its Dynamic Regulatory System (DRS).

On August 16, the agency decommissioned the AD databases that had been housed on the Regulatory Guidance Library. Users may still receive notifications of ADs and emergency ADs and can still subscribe for notifications. In addition, the FAA will continue to mail the AD Biweekly publication. But AD documents will only be available through the DRS, the Aeronautical Repair Station Association advised members, adding the FAA has added training tools for searching the ADs and use of the DRS.

The DRS is part of an effort by the agency to make it easier to research aviation guidance, providing a centralized knowledge center of FAA aviation safety material. The Aircraft Electronics Association noted that in addition to the Regulatory Guidance System, the DRS includes material from the Flight Standards Information System, among others. In all, the DRS houses more than 65 document types from a dozen different repositories amounting to two million regulatory documents that can be searched. The DRS is to be updated every 24 hours.