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Flight Pro Passes Ethical Hacking Testing

 - October 17, 2022, 9:55 AM

Six months after opening its doors, trip planning and handling provider Flight Pro International has successfully put its Flight Pro Connect technology to the security test. By subjecting Flight Pro Connect to penetration or “ethical hacking” testing, the company was able to show that Connect exceeds customers’ security requirements.

“Our goal with undergoing a stringent pen test so shortly after [Flight Pro Connect’s] launch is to provide even further reassurance that every practice within [the company] can be trusted with utmost peace of mind,” said Flight Pro executive v-p and CIO Roberto Cormack.

Flight Pro International (Booth 4330) was started by a group that includes former founders of Air Routing International, including Tom Balousek. Air Routing was acquired by Collins Aerospace in early 2010, then last year Collins shut down that business segment.

Services offered by Flight Pro International include controlled access, weather, headlines, alerts, schedules, document management, and 24/7 communications. “Our goal is to provide an elegant yet simplified client experience that delivers peace of mind, [return on investment], and return on experience,” said Balousek.