Go Rentals To Use NuVinAir Cleaning Products

 - October 27, 2022, 11:46 AM
Go Rentals provides luxury vehicle rentals to the private jet industry. (Photo: Go Rentals website)

Go Rentals—a rental car company specializing in the private jet industry and luxury hotels and resorts—is partnering with NuVinAir, a Dallas-based provider of proprietary and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Under the partnership, NuVinAir will support 66 of Go Rentals’ locations.

Launched as a franchise operation in 2019, NuVinAir's products are specifically tailored toward the automotive industry. "By ensuring all Go Rentals' vehicles are cleaned with NuVinAir's products, we reinforce confidence in their discerning customers every time they step foot inside their luxury rental," said Kyle Bailey, NuVinAir's CEO and founding partner. "For the past 20 years, Go Rentals has been offering an unparalleled customer experience to their high-end clientele, and partnering with us to deliver pristine rentals deepens their level of dedication."

Go Rentals operates from 103 locations in 24 states. Go Rentals CEO Kaye Gitibin said the partnership allows the company’s customers to have the confidence of a healthy vehicle interior throughout their travels.