First Aviation To Grow MRO Capabilities With AAMSI Buy

 - November 30, 2022, 10:13 AM
Associated Aircraft Manufacturing and Sales (AAMSI) operates from this 52,000-sq-ft building in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Photo: First Aviation Services)

MRO holding company First Aviation Services has acquired Fort Lauderdale, Florida company Associated Aircraft Manufacturing and Sales (AAMSI) in a deal that will augment its capabilities and open it to new markets.

Founded in 1953, AAMSI manufactures aircraft parts and offers repair and overhaul of aircraft electronics, avionics, and hydraulic and landing gear components. Operating from a 52,000-sq-ft facility, the company also has more than 120 manufacturing and source repair approvals from the Department of Defense.

“The addition of AAMSI to the First Aviation family of companies greatly expands the breadth and capability of our aircraft electronics and landing gear manufacturing and repair operations,” said First Aviation senior v-p Josh Krotec. “First Aviation has had hundreds of parts manufacturing approvals and proprietary repairs to support the civilian aviation market. Now, with this acquisition, First Aviation balances its portfolio through AAMSI’s extensive list of DOD source approvals and its past performance in the global military marketplace.”

First Aviation added that AAMSI’s in-house machining and electronics manufacturing operations will also enable the company to vertically integrate its supply chain. AAMSI’s leader, Dennis Zalupski, will remain as v-p and general manager. “The AAMSI team looks forward to growing our business through access to First Aviation’s extensive component repair and overhaul services, and through First Aviation’s commitment to reinvestment in engineering and new product development,” he said.