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Ecommpay Brings Payment Management Platform to Middle East

 - December 8, 2022, 12:14 AM
Under the Ecommpay management platform, business aviation operators can accept last-minute bookings and reduce their transaction fees (Photo: Ecommpay)

Ecommpay (Stand 376) is expanding its reach into the Middle East market with its all-in-one payment offering for business aviation. Providing an overview of the management platform at its MEBAA 2022 exhibit, Ecommpay has developed a service for business aviation, medical aviation, and helicopter transport that combines, card, bank, and crypto payments, the company said, explaining its goal has been to provide an alternate payment capability that isn’t reliant on bank hours or the pace of wire transfer.

Under the Ecommpay management platform, businesses can create invoices and accept real-time payments 24/7/365. This enables business aviation operators to accept last-minute bookings and reduce their transaction fees. In addition, users can manage payment status through a single dashboard, eliminating the use of multiple interfaces to manage booking, payment, and payout processes.

Built in-house, the payment offering combines payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Remittances and e-invoice payments are paid through a secure, personalized payment link. The platform additionally enables operators to accept crypto payments with conversions straight to the U.S. dollar, euro, or British pound.

Ecommpay counts among its clients European service providers Quantum Via, LLJets, Aim of Emperor, Mirai Flights, ElbJets, Amber Jet, and Main Passenger Club.

“The new solution provides a more efficient and streamlined process for private aviation companies and brokers to manage their payments and payouts,” said Ecommpay business development manager Simona Moosar. “Addressing all the pain points in the industry, the all-in-one interface helps aviation companies take their business to new heights.”