Nomad Technics Completes BBJ Mods, Maintenance

 - February 1, 2023, 11:30 AM
Nomad Technics installed a quick access recorder, replaced the water heater, relocated a sensor, and refreshed interior finishings on a Boeing BBJ. (Photo: Nomad Technics)

Basel, Switzerland MRO Nomad Technics has completed a project involving several modifications along with scheduled maintenance on a Boeing BBJ.

The modifications, for an unidentified customer, included the installation of a quick-access recorder, the replacement of a water heater with a more efficient unit, and the relocation of an infrared sensor—all of which required custom design and engineering that culminated in EASA approval, Nomad Technics said. In addition, the MRO freshened the interior with refurbished seat and credenza leather and touched up cabinet and furniture woodwork.

Nomad said it accomplished the work on time. “We are proud that the flexibility and dedication shown by our team allowed us to incorporate these modifications during the scheduled maintenance work, thus not extending the agreed ground time planned for the event,” said Christian Sacker, director of quality, safety, and compliance.

Nomad Technics, the maintenance division of Nomad Aviation based in Basel, is an EASA Part 145-approved organization that provides maintenance inspection and non-routine repair work on Bombardier Challengers and Globals and Embraer business jets, along with line and base maintenance work on the Airbus A320 family and Boeing 737NG series.