Teterboro Airport Gets FAA Nod on Noise Program

 - February 1, 2023, 4:11 PM
The majority of measures included in Teterboro Airport's noise compatibility program have received FAA approval after a months-long review process. (Photo: Mona Brown Vaitovas)

The FAA has approved Teterboro Airport’s (KTEB) noise compatibility program (NCP), which the New Jersey airfield submitted last July. While that submission started a 60-day public review process, the agency noted that it received no comments on the program during that time.

The NCP issued by the airport consists of actions to be phased in over five years and the FAA was asked to review and approve or disapprove each item within 180 days. According to the agency, of the 33 measures submitted to minimize the impacts of aviation noise on and off the airport, 23 were approved, another four were approved as voluntary, three were determined to have no FAA action as a continuation of existing mandatory practices at KTEB, and three were not approved.

Among the unapproved measures are the implementation of offset approach procedures for Runways 19 and 6, as well as implementation of a published departure procedure for Runway 19.

Approved measures include the design and implementation of a centralized run-up pad; sound insulating for eligible dwelling units; maintaining a noise office, a public-flight-tracking portal, and a noise-complaint management system; and the establishment of a community planners forum.

The FAA also approved existing voluntary strategies, such as restraint from operations between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. and preferential runway use at night.