Helicopter Pilot Arrested for Drunk Driving on Way to Work

 - February 2, 2023, 9:00 AM

A helicopter air ambulance pilot was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence while on his way to work, according to CBS News Colorado. The Elbert County (Colorado) Sheriff's Office said Aaron Fouquette had a blood alcohol level of 0.126 after he was pulled over for speeding and crossing the yellow center line after passing a sheriff's deputy's car on the evening of January 7. Colorado’s legal alcohol level limit is 0.08.

Fouquette, who was wearing his flight suit, told the deputy he was on his way to work at the AirLife Denver base in Hugo. Pilots for the base are provided by Air Methods.

Fouquette, who had last flown for the program on January 6, resigned from the company following his arrest. He was released on bond after being charged with suspected DUI and speeding and is due back in court next week. In statements to the media regarding the case, Air Methods stressed that it routinely screens employees for drugs and alcohol at a higher rate than federal law requires and has a variety of other safeguards that would have been employed had Fouquette made it to the base.