Vision Aircraft Records Launches Mx Hub Software

 - February 3, 2023, 11:56 AM

Vision Aircraft Records has launched software that provides aircraft owners, brokers, consultants, and stakeholders with secure access to maintenance records. According to company president Mark Leeper, this software features its Secure Managed Aircraft Records Technology (Smart) product and allows users to search, share, and manage all of their aircraft maintenance records in one place.

“By leveraging our proprietary Smart system, aircraft owners are able to manage their aircraft maintenance, handle transactions easily, make better decisions about their fleets, and remain compliant with FAA regulations at all times,” he said. The system also helps to minimize operational costs, streamline maintenance, increase efficiency, and reduce litigation risks, Leeper added.

The company’s digital logbook system, which allows users to convert paper-based maintenance logbooks to digital records, is now securing and managing close to $1.5 billion in aircraft logbook value. Its digital system is also compliant with FAA Advisory Circular AC-120-78A.