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HAI Members Get Help with Safety Management Systems

 - March 7, 2023, 3:14 PM
(Photo: Mariano Rosales/AIN)

Aviation safety specialist Wyvern has joined forces with Helicopter Association International (HAI) to help operators to start using a safety management system (SMS). Under a new partnership announced this week, HAI member companies will get access to Wyvern’s SMS software and coaching for their staff.

Wyvern’s program includes a risk assessment process that helps operators identify safety threats. Then coaches can help companies to create their own SMS plan and start using self-auditing and gap-analysis tools, as well as a reporting process.

“The FAA is preparing to mandate SMS for Part 135 certificate holders and certain Part 91 air tour operators,” said HAI CEO James Viola. “With HAI’s SMS program, members will have time to implement one at their pace with the help of a coach and avoid the last-minute scramble to comply.”

Wyvern (Booth B456) will offer special pricing for HAI members who haven’t yet subscribed to its service and says that its approach to SMS audits costs around 70 percent less than alternatives. Operators who want more in-depth SMS capabilities can pay more for a premium service.