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Phenix Will Equip Ultra 2XL Drone with Multi-use Cargo Hook

 - March 7, 2023, 1:00 AM
Phenix’s cargo-carrying Ultra 2XL UAS will be able to lift and carry 2,000 pounds up to 200 miles. (Photo: Phenix Solutions)

Phenix Solutions is adding a new multi-use cargo hook for its Ultra 2XL Heavy-Lift cargo unmanned aircraft system (UAS). The Oregon-based company said on Tuesday that it is partnering with external load specialist Onboard Systems International to develop a modification that will allow the drone to lift and carry 2,000-pound payloads over distances of up to 200 miles.

For more than 40 years, Onboard Systems International, based in Vancouver, Washington, has developed and certified external load equipment for helicopters. The company’s portfolio includes holistic and human external cargo systems, onboard weighing systems, and mission-specific remote equipment that is factory installed on more than 30 helicopter types.

Phenix president and CEO Brian Reese said that, in addition to cargo missions, the systems can support applications including firefighting, forestry work, and aerial seeding. “Working with Onboard is a considerable step forward for Phenix Solutions and the Ultra 2XL program as we are moving from the stages of building our UAS aircraft to focusing on the mission equipment and accessory productions,” he commented.

At the Heli-Expo show, Phenix (Booth B3438) is exhibiting a cargo hook and several other products. Onboard Systems (Booth C2020), which is part of the Signia Aerospace group, is displaying various bits of external load mission equipment, including hooks, load weighing systems, and human external cargo kits.