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PS Engineering Enables On-wing Audio Configuration

 - March 7, 2023, 9:46 AM
PS Engineering's HUB50 audio management system is configurable using an iOS app. (Photo: PS Engineering)

With PS Engineering’s HUB50 audio management system, installers and maintenance personnel can configure the unit’s many capabilities via an iOS app instead of switches and potentiometers as on earlier-generation systems. HUB50 offers more than 250 parameters and is integrated into the PAC45A intercom system.

With the HUB50, the installer can not only set up the parameters during installation of the system but also set up custom profiles. Only the installer/maintainer can access the configuration via the app when physically near the system in the aircraft and also only when the system is in configuration mode.

Some parameters that can be adjusted include, according to PS Engineering (Booth B4633), “which stations hear which audio sources, switched and unstitched, input and output impedance, audio levels, music distribution, lighting levels, dimmer thresholds, CVR levels and outputs, sidetone levels, and the HRTF dimensional sound locations for all eight com radios.”

HUB50 also adds many new audio features. List price is $13,995 and availability is expected in May.