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New StartStick 20 Portable GPU Supports Larger Aircraft

 - March 8, 2023, 11:17 AM
Aviation Battery Systems (ABS) director Paul Ross holding the StartStick 20, a new portable ground power unit. (Photo: Mariano Rosales/AIN)

Aviation Battery Systems (ABS) has expanded its range of portable ground power units (GPUs) with the introduction of the new StartStick 20. The rugged, lightweight units are made to provide auxiliary power to aircraft operators, both on airport ramps and in remote locations.

The Arizona-based company first introduced the StartStick portable GPU in 2014 and has delivered more than 2,000 around the world. The 20 amp-hour StartStick20 weighs just 20 pounds and can support engine/APU starts, database/avionics updates, and compressor washes.

According to ABS director Paul Ross, the StartStick 20 gives operators of heavy twin-engine helicopters access to its GPU family. The equipment, which can conduct multiple restarts before having to be recharged, is already in service with charter and private operators of Leonardo AW139s.

Oceanview Helicopters said the unit can extend the service life of its aircraft’s main batteries by having easier access to a flexible GPU. The StartStick has a standard GPU/NATO power port connector that is compatible with a range of aircraft and is covered by a two-year warranty.

Operators can recharge the GPUs during flights using a 28-volt charging cable or plug them into an onboard inverter. A standard wall adaptor plugs into a hangar socket. The unit’s display shows constant on-condition data, including the state of charge. ABS said it protects aircraft electrical systems by protecting against deficient voltage levels.