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Rolls-Royce Recognizes Top Performing Engine Service Centers

 - March 8, 2023, 5:00 AM
The Rolls-Royce “best in class” award this year went to Keystone Turbine Services.

Rolls-Royce is honoring the top-performing service centers that support its helicopter engines under the group’s First Network. The program covers more than 16,000 turboshafts and turboprops in service with 4,500 rotorcraft operators worldwide.

The “best in class” award this year went to Keystone Turbine Services and Asia Pacific Aerospace took the “first class service” award. Rolls-Royce (Booth B4813) also recognized Cadorath Aerospace (“outstanding partnership”) and Airborne Engines (“trusted to deliver excellence”).

The First Network consists of more than 30 approved, licensed service centers. The M250 and RR300 engines it supports have powered more than 275 million flight hours, with more than 33,000 units delivered worldwide.

On Wednesday, Rolls-Royce announced the addition of two new service providers to the network: Canada-based Essential Turbines and Masco Services in Texas.

The aircraft engine maker produces both the M250 and RR300 powerplant at its factory in Indianapolis, Indiana. Recently, it invested $600 million to modernize the facility.