MedAire Opens Up Historical Airport Risk Data to Portal Users

 - March 9, 2023, 1:13 PM
The travel risk management company MedAire is now offering almost a decade of past data from its airport assessments within its MedAire360 portal. (Photo: MedAire)

MedAire360 portal users can now access almost a decade of data from the travel risk management group’s airport assessments. The platform’s Airport Comparison feature, introduced this week, filters past alerts to reveal patterns, trends, and potential risks from medical, safety, and security issues at most airports covered by the system.

The company said it introduced the feature in direct response to requests from customers. Aircraft operators and travelers can use past data to assess which airports to use, taking into account what level of risk they consider acceptable.

MedAire launched the airport risk assessment service in 2021 and the historical data available goes back to 2016 for its aviation security alerts and to 2015 for the travel health and security alerts from the database of its parent company, International SOS.

Since 2021, the company has used open-source feeds on security incidents powered by artificial intelligence and a machine learning tool. Users of MedAir360 can search and compare up to seven airports at a time. They can click on the charts presented to retrieve details on specific incidents.