AINsight: Wait, Wait, Don’t Take Off!
Runway incursions involving business jets are on the rise as crews misunderstand line up and wait instructions
A Learjet crosses in front of a landing Embraer jet at Boston's Logan International Airport
This screenshot shows a portion of the freeze-frame image captured from a video taken by a jump seat pilot on a JetBlue Embraer E190 landing on Boston Logan International Airport's Runway 4R on February 27. The ghostly image of the Hop-A-Jet Learjet is difficult to see as it takes off on the crossing runway (Runway 9) after its crew was instructed by ATC to line up and wait. © NTSB
Stuart “Kipp” Lau
Contributor - Safety
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Pilot, safety expert, consultant, and aviation journalist Stuart “Kipp” Lau writes about flight safety and airmanship for AIN.

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