Stuart “Kipp” Lau
Contributor - Safety

Pilot, safety expert, consultant, and aviation journalist Stuart “Kipp” Lau writes about flight safety and airmanship for AIN.

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Training and Workforce

AINsight: How Pilots Can Effectively Talk Aviation Safety to the Big Boss

Be concise but authoritative when communicating safety issues to C-level executives and high-net-worth individuals

AINsight: Beware of Erroneous Takeoff Parameters

Fat fingers and lack of situational awareness during takeoff can ruin your day
damaged Marathon Airlines Embraer ERJ-195LR operating for Air Serbia

AINsight: V1 Is a Balancing Act on Takeoff

Go/no-go decision speed is critical part of takeoff safety for pilots
Premier takeoff

AINsight: Single-pilot Ops and Lemon Juice

Can psychological discoveries improve flight safety?

A High-level Call to Action on Aviation Safety

Top safety officials probed the issues that are causing an 'erosion of safety margins'
Air traffic controllers
Training and Workforce

AINsight: The Bucket List for Professional Pilots

Trying out new ways to fly is a sure way to recharge a pilot's batteries
Bucket List

Taking Upset Recovery Training to New Heights

Flight Research International Trains in a Sabreliner and Impala
Stuart Lau Upset Recovery at Flight Research International

AINsight: Most Wanted Safety Improvements for Business Aviation

The NTSB retired its safety list, so AIN's safety/airmanship blogger came up with his own
NTSB Safety List 2021-2022

New Technologies Aim To Mitigate Inflight Smoke and Fire Events

Inflight smoke and fire events are increasing
VisionSafe EVAS system
Training and Workforce

AINsight: Pilot Professionalism Redefined

Professionalism in aviation is much more than just collecting a paycheck for flying and wearing a necktie
Pilot in front of business jet

AINsight: Wait, Wait, Don’t Take Off!

Runway incursions involving business jets are on the rise as crews misunderstand line up and wait instructions
A Learjet crosses in front of a landing Embraer jet at Boston's Logan International Airport

Operational Data Supports Active UPRT Programs

Program reduced precursor upset conditions by 50 percent

AINsight: Fuelish Mistakes

Workarounds and inattention blindness defeat fueling error defenses
NATA image of avgas fueling (Photo: NATA/Steve Berry)
Regulations and Government

The Fight Against Public Charters is Heating Up

American Airlines and the Air Line Pilots Association use a SkyWest Part 380 filing to push back against its use and JSX gets caught in the crosshairs.
Man with business jet

AINsight: Deadly Distractions on the Flight Deck

It's a myth that humans can multitask, warns the NTSB
Radio tower with guy wires

APS To Host Annual UPRT Safety Summit

Event will share aviation safety knowledge with professional pilots

Circling Approach: Is It Your Best Option?

NTSB cautions on inherent risks to circling approaches
Learjet 35A cockpit photo

AINsight: Remove before Flight

Preflight errors can lead to aircraft accidents
Bell 525 with remove before flight

In-flight Smoke Enhanced Vision Display Gets FAA Nod

AR-based system uses oxygen mask with goggles
smoke display system

AINsight: Dark Side of Visual Approaches

Learning from the mistakes of others
Passo Fundo Airport (PFB), Runway

Fixing Notams: At Long Last, Changes Are Ahead

While FAA's notam modernization system has plodded along, Congress has set a deadline for improvements and a users group is testing a better way.
air traffic controllers

AINsight: Now Everywhere, Can AI Improve Aviation Safety?

A simple query about improving aviation safety to ChatGPT yielded 10 solid answers, but they also require critical thinking to delve further.
Artificial Intelligence illustration
Training and Workforce

A Higher Level of Upset Training with APS

APS provides UPRT at a high-altitude in all-attitude aircraft.
Article image

AINsight: Fatal In-flight Upset Poses Important Lessons

Challenger 300/350 pilots should review the airplane's quick reference handbook in light of a recent upset accident in the business jet.

AINsight: Bounced-landing Awareness and Recovery

Pilots should not hesitate to execute a go-around when encountering a bounced landing in a business aircraft.

Part 135 Rest, Duty Regs Review Leads to Calls for Change

A Part 135 rest and duty rules committee is pushing for new regulations that overhauls decades-old rules with a set of science-based regulations.
Phenom 300 at night

AINsight: Blocking & Tackling To Avoid Runway Incursions

Pilots must execute the basic blocking and tackling that supports the planning, communication, and coordination needed to avoid runway incursions.
Article image

Best Practices in Checklist Design Account for Human Limitations

Several accidents have shone a spotlight on the important role human factors play in the development of checklists.
Article image

AINsight: Keep It Clean

The clean aircraft concept ensures that an aircraft is safe for flight in wintry conditions.
Article image

Wyvern Integrates CASS into SMS Program

Integrating a CASS into a safety management system will streamline and simplify workflows, making an operation more efficient, Wyvern says.
aircraft maintenance worker