Elbit Will Help Defend Future Gripens

 - December 20, 2013, 2:00 PM
Elisra has found a place on the Saab Gripen E/F fighter (inset) for its missile approach warning system. (Photos: Elbit and Saab)

The Elisra passive airborne warning system (PAWS-2) has been selected for the Gripen fighter. Elbit, Elisra’s parent Israeli company, said that the system was selected “following a comprehensive in-depth evaluation and testing in various scenarios as well as in a comparative live fire test.”

The missile approach warning function on the Gripen has previously been provided by Saab itself, as part of the Swedish company’s Integrated Defensive Aids System (IDAS) that has also been installed on other combat aircraft, helicopters and airlifters. IDAS includes the MAW-300, which employs ultraviolet (UV) sensors, whereas PAWS-2 is an infrared (IR) system. Elbit said that PAWS-2 is based on years of experience and has growth potential “to cope with ever-growing future requirements expected during the life-cycle of the Gripen fighter system.”

A Saab spokesman told AIN that PAWS-2 would be the baseline fit for all future Gripens but that individual customers would be free to select and integrate alternatives. The Gripen has just been chosen by Brazil, and Saab is currently campaigning to sell the fighter to Malaysia and Switzerland, having secured an order for 60 from the Swedish air force. The Swedish aircraft will be converted from Gripen Cs that are already in service. Switzerland will get 22 new aircraft, if a nationwide referendum next year confirms the purchase.