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Scorpion Helmet Sight Selected for LAH

 - July 14, 2016, 6:38 AM
Scorpion fits on to the wearer’s helmet to present tactical and aircraft data, including video imagery from sensors, as well as providing a weapons-aiming capability

Thales has been selected to supply its  for South Korea’s Light Attack Helicopter (LAH) program. The company will provide 400 sets for LAH service after 2020. Scorpion has also been selected by Airbus Helicopters as part of its HForce military offerings. The system draws on Thales’s experience in providing display systems for many fixed- and rotary-wing applications, including the binocular TopOwl used by the AH-1 Cobra, Rooivalk and Tiger attack helicopters.

Using the HObIt (hybrid optical-based inertial tracking) system, Scorpion is fully compatible with night vision goggles. It is the only full-color helmet-mounted display available to use a single display for both day and night modes, with a seamless transition between the two. Video imagery from sensors can be shown, with flight, tactical and navigation symbology overlaid, while the sight can be used for cueing weapons and sensors. Scorpion can be rapidly installed, with no requirement for LRUs (line-replaceable units) in the avionics bay. It adds around 14 ounces (400 grams) of weight to the helmet.

LAH is a Korea Aerospace Industries program undertaken in collaboration with Airbus Helicopters, and using the latter’s H155 Dauphin/Panther family of helicopters as a basis. The armed LAH version, set for service-entry in 2022, is being preceded by a Light Commercial Helicopter version. LAH/LCH follow on from the successful Surion program that is delivering Puma-based utility transport helicopters to the Korean army and police.