Paris Air Show

Safran Unveils New-Generation Optical Sensor

 - June 19, 2017, 1:35 PM
Euroflir 410 new-generation optical sensor

Safran unveiled its new-generation airborne optronic system here Monday, describing it as “a major advance”. The Euroflir 410 is designed for all types of air vehicles, including special mission aircraft, helicopters, airships and UAVs.

Very high resolution cameras provide coverage at longer distances than previous-generation systems. Because they cover multispectral bands, they can still provide imagery in dusty, foggy or smoky conditions. Safran said that the Euroflir 410 also introduces major innovations to facilitate situational awareness by its operators, with a focus on intuitive ergonomics.

The new sensor has standard interfaces to enable integration with any mission system. An optional laser designator guides precision air-ground munitions.

The Euroflir 410 can be seen in the static park, mounted beneath Safran’s Patroller UAV. This is the drone that will soon enter service with the French army.