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UVision Develops Multi-canister Concept for Loitering Munitions

 - June 15, 2019, 5:38 AM
UVision’s new Hero-400C is a long-range, high-precision loitering munition the company says can locate, track and strike static and moving targets with high accuracy and stealth.

UVision has introduced a new multi-canister launcher concept for its Hero-400EC loitering munition that will provide users with the ability to fire multiple examples of the company’s largest weapon during one forward deployment. The 40kg Hero-400EC is traditionally rail-launched, but the company (Static A8) has been developing this new canister concept for some 12 months to enable multiple weapons to be deployed at once.

The system weighs 650 kg including six weapons and can be integrated onto naval or land platforms; otherwise, it can be operated as a standalone system—in border security, for example.

“Lots of customers have threats on their borders that they need to monitor,” said UVision v-p of marketing and sales Shane Cohen, adding that the company is now taking orders for the canister. Furthermore, there are discussions underway with a customer regarding the potential development of a multi-type canister, specifically the Hero-30 and Hero-120, that the company said are operationally complementary capabilities.

The company has also announced that the Hero-120 can now be integrated with different warhead types, adding modularity to the design.

Cohen said the munitions are precise and can be operated from increased stand-off distances without the need for line-of-sight. Additionally, he noted that the command and control of the family of systems is the same, so the control of a flying Hero can be taken over by a different C2 system mid-flight, further extending the range.