Singapore Air Show

EOS Remote Weapon Can Counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

 - February 11, 2020, 1:45 AM

EOS Defence Systems (B67) arrives at Singapore as a first-time exhibitor with its lightweight counter unmanned aircraft systems (CUAS) technologies.

EOS teamed up with Milrem robotics (Booth C35) to equip a THeMis unmanned ground vehicle with an EOS R400S-Mk2 remote weapon system with a 30 mm ATK M230 LF cannon, and the Rada Radar aCHR compact all-threat air surveillance radar system. The Defence Technology Institute of Thailand plans to evaluate the THeMIS this year to determine its suitability as a supply transport and unmanned remotely operated weapon for the Royal Thai Army. EOS is collaborating on that project with its R400S-MK2.

The R400S remote weapon system is in service with the Republic of Korea Armed Forces and with the Indonesian Army. Its R600S RWS with dual weapon configuration, meanwhile, is in service with the Singapore Armed Forces.

“We continue to provide exceptional disruptive technologies to armies in different regions,” said Milrem Robotics CEO Kuldar Vaarsi. “The combination of the extremely powerful R400 with Milrem Robotics' robust and mission-proven UGV will significantly increase firepower and tactical advantages of the units.”

In addition, the EOS R150S ultra-light system is on display on a DillonAero M134 7.62 mm Minigun. EOS president Henry Heng noted the company is predominantly export-driven and Asia Pacific is a key market. “Our new facility located at the west coast of Singapore is one of the most advanced support centers for remote weapons systems in Asia,” he said.