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Merlin Brings UH-60 Compact Sim to Heli-Expo

 - March 7, 2023, 4:35 PM
The Merlin Simulation Blackhawk Compact Trainer (BCT) high-fidelity simulator. (Photo: Merlin Simulation)

Merlin Simulation (Booth C1931) brought its Blackhawk Compact Trainer (BCT) high-fidelity simulator to Heli-Expo for the first time. The low-cost, compact BCT includes the center console and the pilot position. 

Merlin said the BCT “includes all the software that our full Blackhawk simulator features” but its compact size allows it to more easily fit into a classroom. BCT training capabilities include procedures; emergency procedures; VFR and IFR flying; and mission rehearsals. 

The company has been developing simulators for more than 20 years for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft as well as control towers. It designs, fabricates, and assembles the devices in-house, eschewing outsourcing to create cost-effective devices that can be developed faster with tighter quality control.