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Ukrainian Light Twin Makes MEBA Debut

 - December 8, 2014, 9:10 AM
The Softex V24L features Lycoming engines arranged with over-the-wing mounts, similar to the HondaJet’s.

Making its Middle East debut here at MEBA 2014 is the eye-catching Softex Aero V24L, a light piston twin from Ukraine. The V24 prototype aircraft was first flown in 2012, and the type made its first international appearance at the Aero 2014 general aviation show at Friedrichshafen, Germany, in April this year. Softex Aero received certification for the aircraft on October 23.

Designed to fulfil a wide spectrum of roles, from training to light business transport to aerial survey and other special missions, the 1,300-kg (mtow) V24 has an innovative layout based on twin pusher engines mounted over the wings. Low, cabin-door sills for and upward-opening doors facilitate easy access to the four-seat cabin.

The airframe is composite, including the single-piece wing with drag-reducing winglets. The cockpit is fitted with three Explorer touchscreens from South African company MGL Avionics. The aircraft features a Galaxy GRS 1200 parachute recovery system.

Although the prototype flew on the power of 100-hp Rotax 912 engines, the V24L version on display here in Dubai features 160-hp Lycoming IO-320s driving auto-feathering MT Propellers constant-speed airscrews. Softex Aero has also schemed a V24TP version powered by the 245-hp TP-100 turboprop from Czech company PBS Velka Bites.

With the Lycoming engine the V24L offers a maximum speed of 200 mph, while the V24TP is estimated to be capable of 255 mph. Takeoff run without flap is 656 feet for the V24L and around 525 feet for the V24TP. Maximum takeoff weight for both versions is 3,086 lb.